INSITES aims to boost the digital and immersive tourism skills of cultural heritage custodians and the Vocational Trainers and business mentors who support them.  It is an Erasmus + project with 7 EU partners led by Banbridge District Enterprises. It will provide inspirational stories, knowledge and practical guidance in using digital technologies to futureproof the cultural heritage sector.

Cultural heritage tourism is a vital part of Europe’s economy with 8.4 million people employed in this sector and 4 out of 10 tourists choosing their destination based on its cultural and heritage offering. However, Europe’s cultural heritage is under threat. The decay and abandonment of some European cultural heritage gems and the over/insensitive tourism of others are two very pressing areas for concern.

Cultural heritage tourism is defined as “travel to experience the places, artefacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present, including cultural historic and natural resources” such as urban and rural landscapes, museums, theatres, archaeological sites, historical monuments and cultural interpretation centres.

Technology and innovation have a leading role to play in building a strong, sustainable cultural heritage tourism sector for and of the future. INSITES aims to contribute to this future by promoting the ability of technology to digitally explore, celebrate and safeguard Europe’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage gems, making these precious assets more attractive to young people (digital natives) who are the future consumers/custodians of Europe’s cultural heritage.

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